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The Moraira Homepage Contributors

We are looking for contributors to write about the Moraira Area on a regular or one-off basis.

At we are building an info and news site especially for the Moraira area. If you can write you could form part of the team dedicated to this exciting venture.

All news and articles would be syndicated with RSS, that is to say that they would be available to the whole Internet. Consequently, the advertising on those pages would also be syndicated.
Read more about RSS.

Some of the topics we have planned -

Moraira and Spanish News

Female Interest Articles

Living and Working in Costa Blanca

Sports (Local and International) -




Etc. Etc

Enhancing and Maintaining your Spanish Property

All contributors would be remunerated with a percentage of the advertising revenue!

If you are interested please contact Click here to Email you message



What is RSS?

The Internet is deluged with billions of web pages. If we did not have search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) we would never find anything.
There are getting to be as many news features, articles, forums etc. and keeping up to date with the information you want is a formidable task.

Obviously it is much easier to have this information delivered than to have to go out there looking for it.

RSS updates you automatically when selected sites, from anywhere on the Internet, have added new content. You can get the latest news headlines, articles (or even audio files, photographs or video) delivered to your desktop or website as soon as they are published.
All you have to do is subscribe to a particular RSS feed.

There is a difference of opinion about what RSS stands for but the easy way is to accept it as "Really Simple Syndication".

Very few websites currently provide RSS for their own content but many syndicate from other sites.
Below is an example if RSS -


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Here you can see displayed the top 5 headlines from CNN-World News and, what is more, this will change as soon as CNN update their news headlines.

Also, please note, that there is a link at the bottom of the feed which leads to all CNN Headlines.

How does intend to use RSS?

The example show above can be displayed on a user's desktop. A lot of Internet users would not want the hassle, even though CNN, the BBC etc make it as easy as possible. Additionally, the average Internet user could not really decide what news to display.

An RSS Feed can also be displayed on a website, as we have done here. We actually display RSS Feeds on our Personalised Moraira Area Homepage. The reason for this is that we are trying to take the hassle out of it for our supporters (who use our PCBH) and provide them with a selection of feeds that are pertinent to the Costa Blanca.

We also have other personalised homepages planned (Sports Orientated, Female Interests, Music and Video etc.) and we are also looking for contributors for these.
You might like to personalised your own home page.

We will also syndicate our own material (articles, news, forum etc.) and include it with a huge syndicated package with a Costa Blanca flavour. Now there are millions of web pages out there who would be interested in syndicating our content, including the adverts which appear within our material, because it makes everything so easy for them if they have pages about the area.

Hopefully you are beginning to recognise the awesome potential of RSS and, if you can write, we would be interested in having you on the team.