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Moraira Area Holiday Survival Hints

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Butano Gas - is quite safe as long as long as the following simple precautions are observed:-

Shut-off Valves: Familiarise yourself with the position of any shut off valves and locate the key to the external gas house (if you have one).

Be Aware of Gas Smell: The gas has been given an extremely obnoxious smell - similar to cats, but much stronger. If you detect a leak, switch off immediately.

Adequate Ventilation: The regulations relating to the use of the gas are very strict. Any room with a gas appliance or bottle has to be ventilated at high and low level. This is because the gas is heavier than air and, in the event of an escape, it will run to outside.

Flame Failure Safety Devices are incorporated in most appliances and these work with a pilot light.
The pilot has to be lit and a button held in, for a few seconds or even a minute or so, whilst the device warms up and the pilot light holds on.

If you have to change your bottle:-

1. First turn off any appliances, then switch off the gas at the bottle by flipping over the button on top of the regulator.

2. Remove the regulator cap by raising the black plastic base ring and lifting it off at the same time.

3. The regulator can then be placed on the new bottle by first raising the base ring and, whilst holding it up, pushing the regulator on and pressing the black ring firmly down.

4. Switch on again by flipping over the top button (red flame diagram upwards). Please remember that, if you have a gas water heater, the pilot flame must be re-ignited.

If your bottle runs out and you have no spare or if this is empty or you cannot contact the agency with whom you booked your holiday, make a mental note to book with a reputable agency or tour operator next time and change the bottle yourself.

CANET in Benissa have the REPSOL (Orange Bottles) concession for the area and there is a CEPSA (Aluminium Bottles) in Benitachell.

If you telephone REPSOL on 965 730 572 giving the street name and number, they will deliver in a day or so. They also provide a delivery service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. The lorry comes down from Teulada, stops at the European Shopping Centre, goes through Moraira Village and then along the Calpe road to Pepe La Sal, stopping at various points along the way.
You will notice a congregation of vehicles with bottles beside them at these points. They also send a lorry to the petrol station in Benissa, except on Sundays and Fiestas, between 12'00 and 13'00.
First a word of warning - it is illegal to carry Butano bottles (empty or full) in a motor vehicle - so we cannot advise you to break the law.

Moraira-Info Classified Listings | Shops, services and businesses in Teulada, Moraira, Benissa, Benitachell, Javea and Calpe.Business Shops and
Services Directory

 Classified Ads. for Residents and Tourists


The Water Supply: Generally the water supply in the Moraira area is regular and consistent.
The water is now chlorinated and drinkable, although the taste is not so good.
If the supply is cut off the Moraira municipal police will confirm that this is the case and when the supply will be reinstated.
The water meter and stopcock are usually located in the street adjacent to the property.


The Electrical Installation has a control panel, usually located in the kitchen, with automatic trip devices for the different circuits and a mains and earth leak cut off switch.
It is obviously a good idea to locate this panel beforehand as you might not be able to find it in the dark.

If the power goes off you may find that one or more of the switches is down and you can restore it by simply pushing them up again.
If you have any difficulty flip them all down, switch the main ones on first and then the separate switches, one at a time, until the mains trip again.
Switch everything on again except this one and you should have a partial supply.


Refuse - In Moraira, the refuse is no longer collected every night. Instead there are recycling bins (most of them underground).
It is not a good idea to place rubbish or dustbins outside as animals, such as dogs, cats and foxes, have a tendency to tip over the bin and spread the rubbish down the street.
A far more civilised and hygienic method of rubbish disposal is to take it every day, in a plastic bag, to any one of the municipal containers.


Your Return Flight - You may have been instructed to re-confirm your return flight within 48 hours of departure but the optimum time to do this is, in fact, the MORNING of the day before departure.
Re-confirming is generally only required with charter flights. BA, Iberia and Monarch etc. provide scheduled services and do not require re-confirmation, neither do EasyJet, RyanAir, BMIBaby and other "no-frills" airlines. To be certain check your documentation.
Your holiday rep. or agency should call the airline for you (if necessary) and most of the Travel Agencies provide the service for a small charge - Buen Viaje!