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Moraira - Water Sports

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Windsurfing and Dinghies - Summer winds in the Moraira area are mostly thermals, coming up around midday, peaking between 4 and 6 in the afternoon and dying away in the evening.

The mornings are usually very calm occasional summer storms blow for several days from the East or Southwest. This provides excellent conditions for experienced sailors in all areas.

Under normal conditions the thermals off Calpe, Moraira and Javea beaches seldom exceed force 4 with around 2.5 being the average.

Hiring facilities are available at Les Besetes (1 Km from Calpe) for Catamarans and Sailboards.
Calpe Yacht Club has dinghies and there are Windsurfing Schools in Javea and Calpe.

The local "hot-shots" load up their cars and head for Vergel where the Monte Pego mountains induce thermals practically every day in excess of force 4 and, on a good day, literally hundreds of surfers will be out.
However, Vergel is not for beginners as there can be quite large waves and strong "rip" currents.

The soft white sand is inclined to shift around in the surf making swimming a risky business. Additionally there are no rescue facilities here - except for the other windsurfers!

Water-skiing & Parasailing - These are available in Calpe.
They take groups out to a raft for a 15 minute ski or flight around the beach and boats can be hired in Javea (in the canal alongside the Arenal Beach) and Denia, fully equipped for skiing.

Jet Ski Excursions and Rental in Denia and Javea - Jet ski rides and tours along the coasts of Javea and Denia.  Jet ski trips are a great way to see the Costa Blanca.
For further details - The Adventure Costa Blanca Website.

Aqualandia - Located at Benidorm (on the approach into this resort from the north - and thus easy to find!) This is reputedly one of the largest water theme parks in Europe with every imaginable device designed to extract fun from this exciting dimension - slides, chutes, rapids, breaking surf etc.
Within the complex are bars, restaurants and picnic areas. Great fun for families with children of all ages as it provides a full and fun-packed day for all. About 40 minutes by car or there are coach excursions available.

PLEASE NOTE that you would be several hours going from one area to another, in and out of the water and in the hot sun. Valuables, street clothing etc. have to be checked-in at the start (for obvious reasons), so go prepared with a liberal coating of waterproof sun cream and even trousers and a shirt - especially if you have delicate skin!

Scuba Diving - The rocky headlands and bays offer excellent sub-aqua sport for the snorkel- or scuba-diver. SCUBAMAR at the Milla de Oro shopping centre in Moraira hire equipment and supply air. AMIGOS DEL MAR is the club in Javea ( Tel: 577 03 08) and there is another at the Les Basetes Nautical Club on the way to Calpe.


Moraira Information | Sports and Pastimes in MorairaMoraira Shops and
Services Directory

 Sports & Leisure, Moraira