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Moraira - Dining Out, Local Gastronomy

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You will find Cafeterias, Bars & Snacks in Moraira all over and they open all hours. Some cater for the workmen from around 6 am, others remain open until 3 am.

As well as alcoholic beverages all bars serve soft drinks, tea, coffee etc. and most provide snacks, sandwiches or even full meals.

Moriara Information - The Directory of Bars, Restaurants and cafeterias in the Moraira area.If you want tea in the English style you must ask for cold milk (Leche Fria) otherwise the barman may add hot milk!

The Spanish attitude towards alcohol is very different to other countries. Children are allowed in all establishments except late-night discos and most are allowed to drink at home.
There are no "licensed premises" in the sense of an English pub or restaurant
. If you are allowed to serve food then you can serve alcohol as well. Nevertheless, the law prohibits the sale and public consumption of wine or beer to youngsters under 16 and they have to be 18 before they can drink spirits.

The Spanish certainly do not have a problem with excessive drinking, probably because it is a normal part of life. They do have a problem with drinking and driving and the police have the power to order a breath test at any time - you don't even have to appear to have been drinking!

Sports Bars: You can enjoy a meal or snack in Moraira whilst watching a football match or other sporting event at Tich's Sports Bar in c/ Pallero (Near the Gemisant and the Olive Tree) or at Mojo's Snack Bar and Cafeteria at the European Shopping Centre.

Moraira Information | Tapas Bars in the Moraira area.The Tapas, which are  are available in many Spanish bars get their name from the custom of placing a slice of bread with a morsel of meat or fish on a newly served drink in order to keep the flies out.
These days they consist of a whole range of pre-cooked delicacies which are displayed in a refrigerated glass showcase. You choose a selection which are served up on the bar with bread and a drink. A good alternative to other fast food options.
In Moraira you can get tapas at Meson el Refugio (c/ Almacenes) or Bar Costa Blanca (c/ Dr Calatalud) and most bars in Teulada.

Another alternative to a full meal are the various Snacks or Platos Combinados available in the many bars and cafeterias.
All are worth trying but worth a special mention are Tiffany's and Mojo's in the European Shopping Centre in Moraira which offer an wide range of different breakfasts, jacket potatoes, snacks and main meals.

Also at the European Shopping Centre is Topper's Fish & Chips with the customary accompaniments such as mushy peas, roast chicken, pies etc. They also have Curries and Kababs. This is a takeaway but they also have to few tables, inside and out.

The International Bar at San Jaime in Moraira is right in front of the large Pepe La Sal Supermarket (men who "help" with the shopping take note!) and, although only of the Snack-bar category, provides everything from a salad to a Sunday roast.

Moraira Information | Pizzas and Pasta in the Moraira area.Pizzas and Pastas are available at several restaurants, notably Pizzeria Tigre in Moraira Village (Plaza del la Iglesia) and the Gemisant Restaurant and Pizzeria just outside Moraira on the Moraira/Calpe Road.

Oriental Cuisine is well represented and there are Chinese Restaurants everywhere. The Pato Pekin in Baladrar specialise in Peking Duck and there is a one that specialises in Tai Food in Benitachell (Road to Cumbre del Sol).

If you are looking for a curry there is the Royal India at the Cristal Mar Centre in Moraira Village on the Moraira/Calpe Road.


Moraira - Local Gastronomy


Moraira-Info Classified Listings | Shops, services and businesses in Teulada, Moraira, Benissa, Benitachell, Javea and Calpe.Moraira Shops and
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Moraira Information | Paella in Moraira Area.Moraira is a coastal town with its own fishing fleet and a strong agricultural tradition. Consequently various seafood dishes feature in the local cuisine:-

PAELLA, probably the best know, is a rice-based dish and comes is various forms -

Paella Mixta is the most common and would contain meat (pork, rabbit, chicken etc) pieces of white fish, squid, clams, prawns, crayfish plus strips of fresh pimiento and beans - and of course garlic!

Paella de Mariscos would be only seafood.

The ingredients will always vary anyway, from place to place, according to availability and would normally have to be booked in advance, unless you are prepared to wait for an hour or more.

The classic paella is lightly burned at last moment to produce a tasty layer stuck to the bottom of the pan (Sucarrao) - which is scraped out with spoons!

The paella is cooked in a round iron pan, also called a "Paella".

FIDEUA is a short pasta, cooked in seafood stock in a similar way to paella, with vegetables and pieces of squid.

Other dishes with Rice (Arroz) featuring in the local gastronomy -

Arroz Abanda - again with seafood.Moraira Information | Find a delicious fish or shellfish soup in Moraira area

Arroz al Forn - baked rice.

Arroz con Fossols y Naps - with beans and turnips.

Arroz con Biedes- with chards.

Outstanding among the range of fish and seafood dishes -

Sopa de Pescado/Marisco - fish/shellfish soup or stew.

Puchero de Pulpo - octopus stew.

Salmonetes - grilled red mullet.

Parillada - fried mixed fish.

Pescadilla - similar to whitebait, but larger, dipped in flour and deep fried.

Calamares a la Romana - rings of squid fried in batter.

Moraira Information | Find Mejillones al Vapor in Moraira Area.Mejillones al Vapor or con Salsa - mussels , boiled or stewed in a sauce.

Gambas/Cigalas a la Plancha - griddled prawns/crayfish.

Gambas al Ajillo prawns sautéed in garlic.

Langosta - lobster, cooked in many different ways.

Lenguado Meuniere/a la Plancha - Mediterranean sole fried in butter/griddled.

Emperador/Atun a la Plancha - fresh griddled swordfish/tunny

Sardinas/Boquerones - sardines/anchovies, usually deep fried.

Suc de rape - monkfish baked with potatoes and vegetables.

Zarzuela - fish casserole.

Lubina a la Sal - tasty sea-bass baked in salt. The salt forms a crust, which seals in all the juices and breaks away with the skin.

Moraira Information | Find restaurants that serve lobster in Moraira AreaLots of visitors, because they don't really understand, miss out on the best because they stick to what they know. Perhaps, now that its been explained . . . .

In Moraira Village Casa Dorita (in front of the church) provide all of these dishes in very comfortable surroundings.

Also specialising are El Refugio (c/ Almacenes), La Sort and El Pescador and also most of the bars and restaurants in Teulada; Mediterraneo y Avenida (Avenida del Mediterraneo),  La Brisa (c/ Calpe) etc.

Famous for years, established in 1941 and patronised by visitors from up and down the coast Restaurante Baydal (Calpe Port) is well worth the half-hour trip.

Other local specialities include COCAS - savoury cakes with a variety of toppings (tomato, onion, anchovy etc) and the abundant variety of local fruits are employed in the elaboration of desserts (almonds, raisins, figs and nisperos).

The iced fruit juices are extremely refreshing (LIMÓN, NARANJA, HORCHATA) - lemon, orange and the milk from tiger-nuts!


Moraira Information | Dining out in Moraira AreaQuite apart from seafood, there are 100's of establishments in the area offering everything from "workman´s special" to 5-star restaurants and providing every sort of cuisine - Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, German, Chinese, Indian - as well as English!

All are worth a try but several deserve special mention as being a little out of the ordinary:-

In Moraira Village, (Calle Almacenes) there is a wonderful, cosy atmosphere hosted by Leonora and Juan Valles in EL REFUGIO.

1.5 km. along the Calpe road, located on the cliff edge with steps down to the beach is LA BONA TAULA which specialises in fresh fish and Galician meats.

Towards Teulada, just past the Barclaycentre is EL CASERIO, where Tony and Pauline provide a range of international and local food which can be enjoyed both inside outside on the large terraces. There is also a comfortable bar with drinks at BAR prices!

Two excellent steakhouses are CONNIES (who specialise in meats which are slowly cooked on hot stones at your table) and the MONTE VIDEO at Benitachell.

Also run by the Refugio Valles Family (Isabel and Juan) is the spacious GEMISANT RESTAURANT and PIZZERIA - international and local dishes in a friendly, lively atmosphere with pizzas and pastas to eat there or take away.
Also provided and worth a try if you can manage to put it all away in the middle of the day are the workman's lunches - 4 courses with wine and coffee for under 15 Euros!

Moraira Information | Dining out in Moraira AreaRight next door to the Gemisant and specialising in a range of very interesting international dishes is THE OLIVE TREE.

Further afield and quite close to Calpe, for an evening or whole day out, CLUB FUSTERA has an excellent restaurant and bar around their swimming pool where there is entertainment EVERY NIGHT during the summer season.

In the other direction, close to Javea the ELEFANTE RESTAURANT provides "gourmet" cuisine in the rustic setting of a beautiful old country house with surrounding terraced gardens.

Most restaurants offer a MENU DEL DIA (special daily menu) which is reasonably priced and provides 3 courses with wine and bread for under 15 Euros. Care should be taken however, when changing one dish for another, as the subsequent bill might well be calculated on an "a la carte" basis.

Local residents often go to the Gemisant Restaurant in Moraira or make the trip up to Teulada Town just for the menu at the restaurants Mediterraneo y Avenida (Avenida del Mediterraneo),  La Brisa (c/ Calpe).
They all provide a salad, starter, main course, desert, coffee, wine and bread for around €12.00



Moraira-Info Classified Listings | Shops, services and businesses in Teulada, Moraira, Benissa, Benitachell, Javea and Calpe.Moraira Shops and
Services Directory

 Classified Ads. Dining Out in Costa Blanca